Disaster Recovery Planning

Could your business survive without its critical data? How long does it take for your company to get back on its feet after a major disaster strike? If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place, you risk losing everything you’ve worked hard to build.

Turnkey can create a detailed, actionable disaster recovery plan that will guide your staff during the occurrence of an unforeseen disaster.

Turnkey’ Disaster Recovery Planning allows you to:

  • Identify where your risks are and how you can mitigate and prepare for them
  • Know the costs involved with disaster recovery so you can better prepare for the situation
  • Develop a comprehensive DRP that everyone in your company can refer to
  • Create backups of your files and transfer them to a secure, off-site data center

Our disaster recovery plan will not only cover the steps you can take during a disaster, but also provide step-by-step measures to contain the damage.