Email Protection & Security

Do You Realize How Big Of A Security Risk Your Company Email Is? We Bet Not.

One of the most important areas of internet safety and security is email protection...especially if your business has compliance obligations such as HIPAA, FEDRAMP, FINRA, or SOC. Employees are always the biggest security risk to any company. All the protection in the world can be in place but there are circumstances where it can be unwittingly undermined by an employee not exercising caution in their daily activities.

Particularly when it comes to email security. This is the one area where a business owner or manager has almost no ability to supervise employees, the messages they send, what they do with the messages they receive, or how they handle data inside messages where compliance is concerned.

Do You Realize You Lose Money When...

...employees have to make their own decisions constantly about whether or not emails are legitimate? They are being paid wages to filter through something that should be filtered already by the time they see it. It may not seem like a big deal for one person, but multiply a few minutes a day by 10 employees....20 employees...150 employees or more.

Do You Realize You Undermine Your Own Internet Security When... employee opens up email that isn't properly filtered and can contain a nasty virus, trap door trojan, keylogger, or other security risk that can manifest itself later when nobody is thinking about it?

Our all-encompassing Email Protection & Security platform will wrap your email system in a blanket of security that will keep you and your business email safe, secure, and compliant.

These critical features are part of every plan:

Email Encryption

All email accounts in your domain will have the ability to send encrypted email, any time they want, to any recipient, easily.

Spam Filtering

Filter out spam and unwanted messages before your employees waste their time evaluating it.

Permanent Message Archiving

All emails, inbound and outbound, are archived forever...even if deleted from the user's inbox.

Outbound filtering

When important information is sent outbound, it needs to meet safety criteria for your business. We will configure policies to ensure you are protected against outbound mail that can compromise your business.

Outbound sending policies

Make sure that every email that contains protected information is encrypted automatically, even if a user forgets to encrypt it.

Our Email Protection & Security platform for email encompasses every aspect of your systems. Call today to have Email Protection & Security added to your Turnkey CyberSecurity Agreement!