Careers With Turnkey

Core Values

These Core Values are the foundation of our culture, and our culture sets the standard for how we treat each other, whether or not we trust each other and how we handle conflict and settle differences. It’s the standard for how we act, communicate and treat each other.

Since we spend the majority of our waking hours working with each other, we take these Core Values seriously to provide a workplace we all enjoy coming to. Our company is definitely not for everyone, so don’t consider joining our team unless you are truly prepared to embrace our culture.

Our culture is one of accountability, resourcefulness and excellence. Of urgency and finding solutions. Of HARD WORK. Of candor and integrity. Of showing up ready to roll and prepared to work. Saying what needs to be said but being kind and respectful to each other. Of appreciation. Of getting things DONE – and done right. If you are not willing to embrace and live by these Core Values, we are not the right place for you.

  1. We Value Our Members. We are committed to putting our FULL effort behind developing loyal, raving-fan clients by consistently delivering excellence, removing irritants and enthusiastically exceeding expectations.
  2. We Value Hard Work. We know the key to success is preparation, hard work, training and the persistence to do what is necessary, not what is easy. If you’re the last to show up in the morning and the first to leave at night, you’re probably not a right fit here.
  3. We Value EXCELLENCE. We have no tolerance for mediocrity. We are achievers who take pride in delivering excellence in everything we do, and practice constant, never-ending improvement.
  4. We Value Unquestionable Integrity. We tell the truth, keep our commitments and do what is right and expected of us. Covering your ass, hiding mistakes or “gaming the system” is dishonest and not tolerated.
  5. We Value Gratitude. We appreciate the opportunity to work together and serve our clients. If you are not grateful for this, you don’t belong here.
  6. We Value Learning. We are committed to sharpening the saw and constantly learning and improving our skills. We willingly embrace coaching from each other and seek ways to master the skills we need to perform our job.
  7. We Value A Drama-Free Workplace. We value candor and respectful, open discussions. Office politics, being disrespectful, complaining about team members in or outside the office and failing to say what needs to be said fuel drama and resentment, and are not tolerated for any reason.
  8. We Value Extreme Ownership. We take complete responsibility and accountability for the goals we are given, our performance and the results we deliver. Finger-pointing, making excuses, complaining about how “unfair” something is or how hard a goal is are not how we operate.