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Want an IT company that knows how your operation works? That won't push products you don't need or point fingers at the other guy? Give us a call to see how our 19 years of experience can help focus technology to benefit your business and make it run at the highest levels.

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Why Choose Turnkey?

4 Big Reasons Why Dental Offices Just Like Yours Outsource Their Computer Support To Turnkey

1. Focused Experience.

Over 19 years ago, our business was born to serve dentists. We have built a tech team with over 70 years of dental-specific technology experience. Whatever the technology, our knowledgeable technicians have seen it before and can take control. Our knowledge and experience mean you’ll be more productive and profitable.

2. Prevention ("A Technology Re-care Program").

Proactive is always better than reactive. We are focused on effectiveness through prevention. Your patients are in your re-care program because it’s better for their general wellness in the long term. But it also makes their care more predictable. Technology is no different. If its optimized, monitored, and tracked, every problem can be managed or even prevented before it becomes an expensive mess.

3. Great Service.

A real person answers our phones live every day. This means our clients always get the fast response they desire and can be assured that their issues have been heard by someone who understands the priority. And should you need anything after hours (or before), we’ve got you covered. We staff an on-call technician who is ready day-or-night for those practices with flexible work hours.

4. Vendor Independence.

Face it, a lot of products from a lot of manufacturers are all competing for your attention…and we work with them all. We can help you choose and implement solutions that work for your practice and your budget. Our job is to implement the best tech strategy for you, and we’ll reconcile all the requirements and compatibility matrixes for guaranteed success.

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Read What Our Customers Are Saying

Just go with Turnkey!

We have used Turnkey for 15 years and are very happy. The staff continues to provide quick responses to all my needs, large or small.
Turnkey gives me peace of mind knowing all our critical practice management and imaging data is securely stored off site and quickly accessible. Get off the fence and make a grown-up decision! While mulling over what IT firm to use your system could easily crash or be hacked…All because you didn’t just go with Turnkey!


Dr. David Schertzer
Kennerly Dental Group, St. Louis, MO

These guys are just too good!

We have a very busy and productive dental practice. Because of the proactive management approach by Turnkey over the past 15 years, we rarely have a technology problem. Turnkey works with us to help implement the latest technologies in our industry, in a professional and efficient manner. We have complete peace of mind for our computer and network services, because we know Turnkey is right by our side. We would never consider using another company. Turnkey has always been a great partner in our success!


Kevin Bookhout
Meadowview Dental Group

15 Years of Service Says It All!

Over the years, Dave and his team of experts have kept us going non-stop! In times of server meltdown his team was here to get us going with no lost data. We have been with Turnkey for 15 years and never thought twice about using anyone else. His team members are the nicest guys out there, and they are very easy to communicate with. Always wanting to help, and regularly maintaining our equipment.


Dr. John Andreas
St. Louis Hills Dental, St. Louis, MO

Turnkey understands how important our systems are to the operation of our businesses.

Here is why I like Dave and Turnkey: They understand how important our systems are to the operation of our businesses, so they always keep us running. The techs are responsive and knowledgeable, which allows them to solve problems quickly and completely. Excuses are at a minimum. Finally, Dave speaks more normally than any other computer geek guy I know.


Dr. John Landgraf
Florissant Dental Services, Florissant, MO

Great industry-specific knowledge!

Turnkey has been a leader in dental specific tech for almost 20 years and has served our industry well. Knowing the dental market so well allows for speedy solutions, and we appreciate our relationship with Team Turnkey! The team at Turnkey will quickly resolve issues remotely, reducing any interference with business but if needed, will arrive on site quickly to ensure everything is taken care of.


Dr. Sean Langraf
Florissant Dental Services, Florissant, MO

Let Turnkey worry about all the IT headaches.

Dave and company have been so easy to work with over the last 18 years. I’m so glad to hand over that part of the business over to a true professional. It has been great peace of mind to have the “latest and greatest”, back up and internet security protections. I can sleep easy knowing that in a matter of minutes, I would be back up and running as opposed to a couple of weeks. Even more so with reading more and more about other offices being held for ransom. Go for IT! Let Turnkey worry about all the IT headaches, they are always a phone call away and they get it handled!


Dr. Kevin Floyd
Floyd Dental, Springfield, IL

About Us

Turnkey is the one true full-service technology integrator with an exclusive focus on dental technology. Because we are the industry’s only vendor-neutral service provider, we have the unique ability to partner with you, to determine technology strategies that work best for your practice and your budget.

No matter what your challenges or goals are, Turnkey provides IT solutions tailored to meet your needs. We partner with industry leaders to ensure you get the most out of your technology without breaking the bank. On top of all this, our experts are committed to working with you 24/7, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your technology is running at peak performance, at all times.


We're Proud To Partner With The Best Businesses In The Industry.

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  • Datto
  • Equus Computer Systems
  • ID Agent
  • Xerox