Covid-19 War Room

5/15/2020 - CAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirators

One of our customers is migrating to this system for the ongoing protection of their patients, and they are so excited about it they asked that we pass it on!

Check out the video!

4/14/2020 - Managing The Work From Home Environment Webinar - Replay

I was able to participate in a webinar a couple weeks ago where we discussed aspects of the work-from-home-environment with a panel of IT experts from around the country.

Watch it here

4/2/2020 - Work At Home Kit

We have built a special kit that you have have shipped right to your employee's home, configured to log into your office. The kit includes a laptop, remote access, and a VOIP phone. Call (636)223-5150 for details on what would work best for your staff.